View From The Road

Doing a bit of travelling at the moment. This was just after crossing the Mackinac Bridge, looking north back at the UP.
I also spent some time visiting my friend Theo at his shop Dead River Coffee in Marquette. Theo roasts some incredible beans. If you are ever in the area, i encourage you to stop in for some exceptional coffee, great conversation, and maybe a game of cribbage or two.


Swinging Streamers

The water up on the creek had gone down quite a bit since the last push, but was still running at a powerful 1200cfs, which made wading a bit of a challenge. Knee deep and down was ok though. Folks in boats were having some good luck, as were waders that had ventured to the creek's upper reaches where there's a bit of slower water. Lots of bugs in the air, and from the looks of things, the big ol salmonflies should be taking flight at the end of may.